Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jennifer's Engagement Story

My proposal story is I woke up on Easter Sunday and the first thing I saw was a note taped to my TV. My Fiance and I live together so I woke him up and said "Who put a note on the TV?" He said "I don't know baby go look". So I got up and the first note said Good Morning Baby here is an Easter egg hunt for you wake me up when you read this. So I looked over and he was sitting up in bed smiling so he gave me a clue that said pets are great companions that is where your next clue is so I had to think about it and we have a picture frame that says pets are great companions so I went to the frame and sure enough there was another clue. That one said together WII will figure this out so I went to the will system and there was my next one that said having an issue use a tissue. So I went to the kleenex box there was my next clue that said something not right? doesn't compute? so I went to the computer there was another clue that said Don't be furious so I was like that makes no sense.That one took me a while, but when I was sitting in the computer chair thinking, a book with the word fury caught my eye so I flipped through the book and there was my last clue that said turn around so I turned around and there he was on one knee with my engagement ring in a pink plastic Easter egg with our Siberian husky sitting right next to him. I screamed and cried all at the same time I even hit him I was so excited but of course I said yes. The End? Nope only the beginning of something magical....

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