Friday, April 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Wedding

Amanda and Ryan
November 26,2011
Crowne Plaza at Historic Union Station

I can't believe its Easter and I'm just now posting about this wedding. I miss Amanda and Ryan so much!! They are such a wonderful couple. When I met Amanda for the first time she had a hard time deciding what colors she wanted to use at her wedding. She loved ivories, burgundies and pinks. My thought was why limit yourself to just one color why not use them all. And that exactly what we did!!! I absolutely LOVED the design of this wedding. My thought was to have a progressive color scheme. So we started using the lightest color ivory, then moved into a bit darker khaki, then to a pretty mauve pink and finally a dark red burgundy color and accented everything with a rich gold. It was perfect for a wedding in November.
The morning started with hair of makeup and when Amanda was finished she looked BEAUTIFUL!!! After some pictures it was time for ceremony. I remember it being so heartfelt. As guests were mingling during cocktail hour, the Crowne staff, Circle City Designer and the Circle City Planners flip the ceremony into the reception. We reused the ceremony arch as the canopy for the sweat heart table. All of the tables were monochromatic using that same progressive color scheme. It was STUNNING!!! Although there wasn't much dancing guests enjoyed the music and chatting with friends and family. The night ended with many hugs and thank yous from Amanda and Ryan. It was such a pleasure to be apart of this joyous day!!!

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