Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I've got the FEVER!!!!! Wildflower Wednesday is ALL about FEVER!

It's the best part of my job when I find a flower that has the charm to reflect a client's personality. As the flower psychologist I am, I can always find a way to do this, even with the clients who claim they are not "that into flowers". Try me, I'll figure you out :)

Feverfew is one of my all time favorite seasonal flowers. I have the luxury of incorporating it into a "Southern Belle" style outdoor wedding next weekend for the sweetest little lady. She is getting married on her property that echos Southern plantation life right here in Indiana. Its a little white flower with a yellow center resembling a small daisy, and quite frankly, it's as HOT as a fever! It was originally cultivated medicinally as a fever reducer (it's latin origin literally translates: fever reducer), but it's medical uses are long since gone, and now this little baby is simply free to be a beautiful cut flower.

Feverfew is small, feminine, and dainty, but packs a big punch, just like my little Southern Belle I get to marry off next week!!!!

Hope we made your Wednesday just a little more WILD!

Adding fabulosity to your flowers, Tiffany

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