Thursday, July 14, 2011

Five Fabulous Friday Favorites!

What is one of the top reasons we LOVE working in the wedding industry? Trends are constantly changing, keeping us on our toes and excited about the endless possibilities when it comes to designing an AWESOME event!!

As always, some trends come and go faster than others, and some stick around for a little while longer - here are five of our favorite trendy elements in weddings right now!

1. Personalization - every bride wants her big day to be unique and memorable! Brides are getting more and more creative when it comes to putting together an event that every guest will remember. We've seen everything from awesome logos projected on dance floors to signature drinks and midnight snacks.

2. Getting REALLY crafty - some brides are taking to websites like CraftGawker and Etsy to find inspiration for some intense DIY elements! Creating decor pieces with your bridesmaids or family members is a great way to bond before the wedding, plus could be a definite money saver! We LOVE the string balls used in these aisle pieces!

3. Black chandeliers - these are on the rise! We have seen them pop up in weddings and showcases lately and are always stunned by how they can completely transform a room and provide an awesome focal point for your look! They're simply FABULOUS!

4. Bold shoes - we have all seen these before, but the trend has stuck around for quite some time! Whether you want to use them for your "something blue" or bring out your color scheme in your wedding wear, a pop of color on your feet may be just what you need!

5. Pomander balls - these are great alternatives for bouquets or petals! They can be made at just about any size, so even the teeniest flower girl can hold something size-appropriate for her. We also love the idea of using them as aisle decor!

There you have it! Our Five Fabulous Friday Favorites! Have a great weekend!

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