Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"It was a complete success"

Sarah and Matthew
June 11,2011
Our Lady of Lourdes and Artsgardens
The title is what Sarah, the bride,said to me at the end of the night. Sarah and Matt contacted me just a couple of months before their wedding. Sarah knew she wanted her wedding to be FABULOUS but did not know exactly how to make it a reality. Tiffany from Circle City Designers and I worked closely together on the design of the wedding. Our focus was on everything- even down to the size of the diamond strand hanging from the centerpieces. Sarah and Matthew live in California so there were many late night phone calls and Skype meetings. But as Sarah and Matt's wedding day drew closer all the details came together. On the day of the wedding everything ran smoothly. However, I will admit that Sarah and her bridesmaids arrived to church just minutes before the guests which was not in the plan, but in the end everything worked out. The ceremony was nice. I especially liked when Sarah's mom stood up with the rest of the bridal party and gave her Matthew's ring. After the ceremony ended, Tiffany Stoner from Nathaniel Edmunds photography took the bridal party to a beautiful urban garden for pictures. I then raced to the Artsgarden and metup with my team to put the final finishing touches on the reception. Although Sarah and Matthew choreographed the cutest first dance, the highlight of the evening was the lion dancers. This was a Chicago based Chinese dance group who started the dancing off with a bang! I'm excited to see the video. I also wanted to thank everyone who was involved that helped make Sarah and Matthew's wedding a complete success. Of course, Tiffany at Circle City Designers, Jessica and Mark from the Ritz, Jess, Mike and Jeff from the Artsgarden, Tiffany and Meredith from Nathaniel Edmunds, Eyemax makeup, Bouquet and Garter, Jill at Westwood Paper, Evans A/V, DJ Jim Lewis and Tony Avellana for the music on the piano. I hope I'm not leaving anyone out. The couple is just now finishing up a two week honeymoon in China! Congratulations from the entire CCP and CCD team!

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