Monday, June 6, 2011

Gearing up for that summer heat!

Congratulations to Andrea S.! Our newest alumni married off this Saturday at the beautiful Laurel Hall facility. An outdoor ceremony under one of our custom built arches (Thank you Tom!) and a quaint sit down dinner reception inside. So happy to be a part of your big day!

Nothing is more synonymous with "weddings" as is "summer"....And we are just starting to experience those midwest blazers, reaching almost 95 degrees last week! Hot tamales! With so many months of heat ahead of us, and so many "I do's" left to say, it is important to take special precautions for high temperatures on the wedding day.

*Put together tote bags for all the bridesmaids for the day of the wedding. Have water bottles, spritzers, hand held fans, and wet naps in each tote. That way the girls can spray themselves with water to keep cool, drink plenty of fluids, and dab off any sweat with a disposable towel.

*For outdoor ceremonies, be certain to provide fans for guests and a water station.

*Remember if you or your bridal party is drinking alcohol, they are more likely to become dehydrated. For those pre-ceremony celebrations, be sure to follow with equal parts water!

*Flowers are not meant to be in the heat and out of water for long periods of time. Plan your photo sessions around the heat of the day if you can. Designate one person to care for the bouquets throughout the day by recutting them and placing them in water in a cool area while not being photographed. Misting them with a water bottle can help too.

*If it is necessary to have your bouquets out of water for a long time before the ceremony, and you DO want to include lots of outdoor shots, you should consider ordering 2 bridal bouquets. One to take pictures with, and have one waiting for you at the ceremony when you arrive. Another tip: Don't go all white. White flowers are far more likely to show bruising and wilting than colored flowers. As a general rule, the hotter the day, the brighter the flowers...Dark pinks and oranges tend to hold up best under pressure and photograph great!

*Don't forget sunscreen for you and your bridesmaids. Your pictures are worth a thousand words. Don't let some of them be "man, your shoulders are RED!".

*Have a Plan B. When planning a wedding outdoors, there is always a Plan B in case of rain. Don't be afraid to enlist Plan B when it is just TOO hot. You want your guests to be comfortable and enjoy the day. If they are sweating their breakfast off, it gets harder to appreciate the ceremony and all its meaning. Plus, no one wants to be a sweaty bride :)

Enjoy the summer, and many blessings on your I Do's!
Stay cool :) Tiffany

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