Monday, July 13, 2009

Robert and Sylvia

July 11th 2009
Private Residence
Well, if anyone remembers last Saturday you know it rained and rained and rained. This wedding and reception was at Sylvia and Robert's house OUTSIDE. And as you know rain and outside really don't mix, but as always CCP overcame the outdoor conditions. Setup for the wedding actually started on Wednesday when the tent and all the rentals were installed. Then the decor was installed on Thursday with white chiffon and Chinese lanterns. Friday the luxurious portable restrooms were delivered, and Saturday we put on the finishing touches. Sylvia and Robert's vendors were unbelievable. Even though it rained throughout the day everyone pitched in to lend a helping hand. By the time guests started arriving the rain had stopped,we had the tent dry, a make shift walkway to the bathrooms and champagne and hor's dovures ready.
CCP FIRSTS.....This wedding we did things a little different. We started with cocktail hour first. Robert and Sylvia greeted everyone. One guest said "Am I late did I miss the ceremony?" Before the cocktail hour ended Sylvia snuck away and changed into her wedding dress. The ceremony was all about the family and very heartfelt. Adam, Robert's son wasn't able to attend but he wrote a poem and Ashley Robert's daughter read it as a part of the ceremony. Ragan and Morgan, Sylvia's daughters, also said some touching words during the sand ceremony. Of course, I was crying. After dinner, it was time to party!!!! The band had everyone on the dance floor doing the 2nd line. We even did a soul train. It was soo much fun. The last song of the evening was "Purple Rain". I couldn't help but laugh and sing outloud thinking to myself how appropriate since it rained all day and the main color of the wedding was purple. At the end of the night when most all of their friends and family had said their goodbyes Robert was still on the dance floor dancing and groovin' to the music. He had the biggest smile on his face. His smile made it all worth while. I have to give credit to my wonderful vendors: MaryBeth, Andrew, Casey, Stacy, Kevin, Jamiee, Julie, John, Gooch, Jamie, Jennifer,Stephanie,Tammy,Scott,Ryan,Tonya and last but most definitely not least Jen. Thank you all so so much. Lastly I would like to thank Buddy, Sylvia's grounds keeper. When I first came out and surveyed the property I thought WOW there is a lot of work to do. And Buddy you made it happen. You are absolutely wonderful!! Everyone did an amazing job and made this wedding a complete success!
When my couples get married I'm always very happy for them, but I know that I won't be talking to them as much which is always a little sad for me. However, with this wedding I don't feel like that at all. Ragan, Sylvia's daughter, will be getting married next year and I'm so excited to continue to visit with the Kenner family!

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Jen said...

You Rock Darcie!!! You were such a great example of staying positive and going with the flow! Everything turned out so perfectly.... can you believe that night?? Who would've thought that things would turn out so well that we would be grooving on the dance floor right along with the guests. Can't wait for the next one! Love ya!