Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kristen and Terry

Kristen and Terry
May 31,2008
Columbia Club

Kristen and Terry were a wonderful couple to work with. The day we first met, I stuck my foot in my mouth. Kristen said that they were on there way to Butler to watch a basketball game and I asked what they thought about the new head coach, and Terry says “Well he's my boss!” Terry is an assistant coach for the Bulldogs andButler University is where Kristen and Terry met.
On wedding Friday Kristen, of course, was worried about the rain, but it was a beautiful sunny Saturday. The day started off early for the girls with hair and makeup while the guys played a quick game of B-ball. This wedding was full of surprises for the guests and even 1 for the bride and groom. The ceremony was beautiful, the decor was simple but the grand lobby of the Columbia Club is enough. The first surprise was a beautiful rendition of the The Lords Prayer sung acupalo by Annetta Johnson (who almost didn't make the wedding!) Her voice was unbelievable. After the ceremony, everyone went upstairs to the 10th floor for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. The next surprise was the announcement of the bridal party and bride and groom. It was just like the starting lineup for a basketball game with a moving spotlight and all. The room was dark except for the spotlight on Kristen and Terry. After dinner we surprised the guests once again with a stocked candy bar. We had purple M&Ms, grape licorice (my favorite), gummy apple circles, Hersey Kisses, and chocolate truffles. The last surprise was for the Kristen and Terry. One of the bridesmaids arranged for the Butler Bulldog mascot to make an appearance! Everyone loved it. The evening ended with a sparkler send off and ride around downtown on a horse and carriage. But Terry and I had one more surprise for Kristen. When they got back up their honeymoon suite it was decked out with roses petals, candlelight and a chocolate fountain with strawberries! I would like to thank all my vendors who helped make Kristen and Terry's wedding day a success. I'll post pictures soon.

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