Monday, March 17, 2008

All Dressed Up

On Saturday, March 15th Tonya, Gretchen Schott (member of the Beauty Bash committee) and I attended the Starlight Ball. This was a fundraiser for the Julian Center. If some of you remember we hosted our own fundraiser last October called Beauty Bash. The Julian Center wanted to "thank us" for our $10,000 contribution so they gave us tickets to this event.

At the event there was a chance to win a 2.5 carat diamond necklace. You purchased a box and if your box number was picked then you won the necklace. I thought for sure I was going to win, only 250 boxes were sold! But when it was time to open the boxes to my surprise my box contained 2 peppermints and not the winning number. OH WELL, the money spent went to a great cause.
Saturday evening was fun for all of us. We got to get all dressed up with our husbands and have and great time with friends. This was probably the last time I get to do something like this before the baby!

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