Tuesday, March 4, 2008

AHHHHH Forgotten Engagement Story

This is Vicky and Dan's Engagement Story. I don't know how but never got posted. Its a great story so even though the contest is over I thought everyone would like to read it!

About a year ago my boyfriend decided that he wanted to do something more meaningful withhis life then just go to college. He told me that at the end of his sophomore semester at Purdue he was joining the Air Force. I was devastated because I was so afraid he would be sent overseas, but I soon realized that this was something he needed to do for himself. The few months before he left for basic we spent as much time as possible together, but August 1st came and I had to say good bye. While he was at basic the only communication I had with him were the letters I wrote to him every day and the few that I would get back in the 8 weeks he was there. I got one call to tell me when he would be graduating and those were the happiest 5 minutes in the whole 8 weeks he was gone. On September 19th his big sister, 4 month old niece, and I flew down to see him graduate from basic in San Antonio, TX. We watched him graduate in near 100 degree temperatures while we watched the graduates start fainting from heat stroke. On September 21st we were allowed to go off base with Dan and the entire family decided to go to the River Walk and take a tour of it. If you have never been to the River Walk it is absolutelybreath taking when everything is green and in bloom. We took a boat tour around the River Walk and then had dinner. As we were heading back to the car to take Dan back to base we stopped off at a little island called Wedding Island to take some cute pictures of Dan and I. His dad was videotaping us and his momand sister were taking pictures so that we could have pictures of us being cute. Dan told me that he had a surprise for me and I got so excited because,well I love surprises. He then told me that he had a question for me and my heart stopped. He then proceeded to get down on one knee in his uniform dress,get out a black box, and ask me to marry me. At that point my brain stopped functioning not only because I was surprised that he had asked me to marry him then, but because he had a diamond ring to give me. My brain finally caught upand I said yes! After we had hugged, kissed, said our “I love you” and he put the ring on my finger, we walked back to his family that had been standing there watching. While we were walking back, people from the bridge were clapping for us and others were telling us congratulations from the hotel rooms. When we got back to his family I found out that everyone had known and that he had been carrying the ring around with him since we had gone to his room to see where the recruits had slept during basic. I found out that he had written his sister and told her the exact type of ring I wanted, which surprised me because that meant he had listed all those times we had gone to look at rings. His sister, whom I had flown down with, had to when he purposed. When we got back to Indiana, we had 3 different pictures of Dan popping the question to me and a video tape of it. I could not have imagined a better proposal or more of a surprise. September 21st at 4:30 was the happiest day of my life or it is until July 19th when we become husband and wife.

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