Sunday, August 11, 2013


Kait and Adam
IMA-Formal Gardens & Deer Zinc
June 22,2013

Kait and Adam are amazing! I had such a blast helping with planning and designing their wedding with them.  Kait and I planned an absolute PERFECT day with really unique and personal touches.  The plan was:
To have the couple see each other in the afternoon with Kait in her wedding dress and take pictures with their immediate families and the bridal party.  Then she would change into her cocktail hour dress and snap a few more pictures with extended family then mingle with guests as they arrived.  All of this was to take place outside in the formal gardens.  After 30 minutes or so, Kait was going to go and change into her wedding gown again for the ceremony.  After the ceremony the brass band was going to lead the couple, bridal party and all the guests back to the Deer Zinc, playing the New Orleans second line, Kait had attend Tulane University.  Guests would also pick up a glass of champagne as they made their way across the bridge. Then Adam and Kait was going to give a toast right outside the Deer Zinc in the courtyard.  After that, guests were going to go in the ballroom and dine and dance the night away.
That was the plan until it started raining, a bride's and wedding planner's worst nightmare.
So it was on to Plan B... and this is why Kait and Adam are so amazing!  There was no way that we could do the cocktail hour outside during the rain so the Kahn's staff quickly brought everything needed for the cocktail hour inside to the foyer area of the Deer Zinc  Guests arrived and sipped on "Just What the Doctors ordered", Kait and Adam are in medical school.
I thought maybe we could still have the ceremony outside until I saw that the rain storm destroyed the chuppah.  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
I went inside to break the news to Kait and Adam.  I told them even though it stopped raining I thought it was best to bring the ceremony inside as well.  It broke my heart to say this because I knew how important it was to Kait to get married outdoors.  But another rain cell was on the radar and coming this way.  Adam then said " Is there anyway we could do the ceremony now?"  I said YES lets do it! Forgetting all about the chuppah but knowing somehow we would figure it out.
After letting all the vendors know what was going on, we all got to work.  What should of took about 45 minutes to setup, the ceremony was set in less than 15 minutes! Miraculously, Julie and the Royal Creations team with a little help from the IMA engineering department was able to fix the chuappah.  But to be sure I had ushers hold it so it would fall over.
Kait, meanwhile, rushed into the dressing room where her bridesmaids were and said, "CEREMONY NOW!"  They immediately helped her change into her gown.  As the last chair was being wiped dry, we told the guests  that the ceremony was about to begin an to make their way outside.  As the last group of guests were sitting down it started raining again!  Good thing we laid out parasols on the chairs because there was no turning back now.
The rain stopped just as Kait and her parents walked down the aisle.  The ceremony was shortened a bit but still was lovely.  Then Adam smashed the glass and the FUN began.
The parade was awesome!  In Adam's toast he joked about the weather.  Guests then enjoyed the rest of cocktail hour.
Then guests were let inside the ballroom.  It looked as if we brought the outdoors in.  20 foot olive trees with hanging votive candles were in the corners of the dance floor.  The dining tables were a beautiful pistachio green linen with a white cut-out overlay with a personalized cookie at each place setting.  The tables were named after places Kait and Adam had visited.  The centerpieces were simply stunning.  Kait and her mom collected white antique vases and had Julie fill them with fresh summery flowers.  At the sweet heart table, there were special vases that Kait's mom picked out personally.  There were ficus trees that flanked the each side where guests wrote "words of wisdom" and hung on the leaves.  Dinner was fabulous and Zanna doo rocked!!!
This wedding has all the little details, even down to a note from Kait and Adam's dog that was in guests' hotel rooms, saying that he was sad that he couldn't make the trip.  So super cute!
A super big and special thank you to all involved.  You all rolled with the challenges of the day and if it wasn't for the easy-goingness of each of you, we wouldn't of been able to pull this AMAZING wedding off.
IMA- Nicole Minor, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Kahn's Catering- Freddie Klagstad, Royal Creations- Julie Atcheson, Bay Street Brassworks- Glen, Circle City Photobooth, Karen Hall and Company, Lisa Sauce & Zanno Doo, Kevin from Engledow, Carey Limo, Cavallo Bus Lines, Trader's Point Creamery, The Conrad Indianapolis, A-Classic Party Rental, BBJ Linen and FABULOUS assistant Cara Dyksen
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