Monday, March 14, 2011

The 80's are STILL HERE!

It seems like we are always talking about how the 80's are making a comeback! Well, I think its safe to say, the 80's are here to stay!!!!

We had the honor of attending one of our local industry's most important awards banquet a few weeks ago, and YOU GUESSED IT! It was 80's night! We all dressed up in our most Madonna-esque outfits and headed to the prom!!!! Our own Darcie Kornmeyer was named THE PACE PROM QUEEN!!! Congratulations, our wedding diva, we are so PROUD OF YOU!

That handsome young man standing next to her is one of our FAVORITE DJ's, Mr. Jim Cerone. There was NO ONE more fitting to be the prom king than he! We love you Jim!!!

So, on to the "trends"...Who would have thought you would have brought the 1980's into your wedding?

According to the "The '80s are back in a big way, and weddings are not immune. Fingerless gloves, neon graffiti, and '80s prom music will be huge at fashion-forward receptions and after-parties." See the full article here!

The 80's have inspired floral design as well! Back in the day, we would see football mums, gardenias, fuji mums, and daisy pom poms ALL over the place for weddings. Then they became a thing of the past! But, once again, they are HOT, HOT, HOT!
Check out this GORGEOUS bridal bouquet with football mums!

And remember that picture of your mom's wedding with the long cascade bouquet? Long gone are the tight-roundy-moundies! Cascades are BACK, and better than ever!

We thought gardenias were for our grandmothers, but once an 80's trend, now a surefire way to bring the vintage look to the modern wedding!

The 80's have even hit the fashion world for weddings. The newest trend in bridesmaid's dresses is to go back to full lengths! You will also see brighter, BOLDER colors than you ever have before!!!

Fun accessories like feathers, crystals, colored water, aqua beads, and LED lighting are sticking around too!

Whether the 80's fit your flare or not, the trends are subtly being implemented by all types of events. It's so fun to see how things evolve over time and make their way back into the "IT" culture of wedding design. Get out your red lipstick, blue eyeshadow and put some Bananarama on your I-Pod!

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