Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Circle City in New York City!

For those of you who don't know me I am Laurenne, Tonya and Darcie's assistant/blog writer! Last weekend I was lucky enough to celebrate my bachelorette party in NYC, where i was born and raised, and I thought I would share our wild time with you! I went with my mom and sister and met up with 12 of my college/childhood friends. The weekend started off with a bang when three of my friends who came in a day early were on the today show and actually met Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera and Al Roker! We stayed in an amazing hotel, 3 blocks from time square. We were literally in the heart of the city. We arived on friday and even though the weather was miserable, my friends and I had a great time walking around midtown and doing what we do best...SHOPPING! My sister Rachel, my friend Emily and I got trapped in a DOWNPOUR waiting for a cab...but we still had a great afternoon.

That night my friends and I met up with my dad and stepmom for a delicious sushi diner at my favorite sushi place in the city called Haru which is located right in Times Square! The food was amazing and it was great to have some time to sit and catch up with the girls. After we were all stuffed we went to a great bar/club in SoHo called Mc.Governs. We all had a few drinks and then proceeded to literally dance the night away. We didnt make it back to the hotel until around 4 and my feet were sore but it was still a great time!

Saturday morning we all met in the hotel lobby around 10am and we spent the whole day walking around NYC and SHOPPING. We went to all my favorite stores (Zara, H&M, Club Monoco, as well as several shops in SoHo). We probably walked 5 miles from Times Square all the way down to China Town. All of my friends found some great items and my friend Amanda even bought he first pair of Manolo's (we all know what a big deal that is for any girl). I was really neat for me to take my friends through the neighboorhood where I grew up because most of them an never seen it. After a long day of walking and Shopping we all returned to the hotel to change and get ready for diner/the night out.

We ate diner at an amazing restaraunt in Little Italy called Cafe Napoli. The servers there were great and were very accomodating to our group of 15 LOUD ladies! After diner we returned to the hotel where the girls had planned a surprize for me. They had decorated one of the rooms and had made Tshirts for everyone. They had bought a cake from my favorite bakery (magnolia bakery...if you have never been you have to go). They had games planned and chamagne poured and i was blown away by the effort that everyone had put into the night.

After playing a few games in the hotel room (and getting a visit from hotel security for being to loud) we decided to take the party out to a club downtown called La Caverna. Once there my riends presented me with a list of things I had to do...some of which will never be repeated, and I am proud to say that I accomplished most of the list! After MANY shots and drinks and embarassing challenges we returned to the hotel completely exhausted.

I know that this was not your average bachelorette party, but it was amazing and I can not thank my friends enough for comming to NYC and planning an amazing weekend for me. It was a great girls weekend and I only hope that Matt has as much fun at his bachelor party, well maybe not as much fun! :)

Don't forget to come and see Circle City Planners this weekend at Brides Against Breast Cancer. It will be a great event that supports an important cause!

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