Monday, July 7, 2008

Allene and Chris

What a stunning 24 carat gold wedding! We literally brought in everything from gold chargers to escort cards. This glitz and glamour reception was breath taking when the sun set and the Bellini’s started flowing.
During the planning process, we decided to offer a choice to the guests. I came up with this wonderful idea of having a different colored rose for each entrée offered (tangerine=beef, yellow= chicken, and white=fish). The final count came in, the seating chart was created, and the escort cards printed. Well……the plan sounded perfect until implementation. Not only was my idea confusing, but it was also time consuming. It ended up being just fine, but it just goes to show you that not all ideas come off smoothlyas you would have expected. Of course, the guests didn’t notice anything and never once complained about the entrée selection (the food was great). A special thanks to Katie and her staff for the extra set of hands and smiles! The behind scene is what makes my job so fun, but stressful at times too! Allene and Chris had a blast and danced until they couldn’t dance anymore. The second dress was the talk of the night (stunning) and the fresh popped popcorn made the atmosphere truly magical.

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Anonymous said...

What was the wedding parties last name? I'd like to find out what you can do for me...