Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Emily and Darin

Forgive my camera pictures, it's time to clean the lens. The wedding so perfect I had to post my fuzzy pictures. No worries the professional pictures will be posted later. What a cute couple! They were so sweet and so thankful for everything we did for them on their wedding day. We started off the gorgeous day at Emily's condo literally 2 blocks from St. Mary's Church (how convenient). The timing was perfect and the church was absolutely beautiful. Their reception followed at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. They coolest thing of the evening were the personalized mirror stickers in the bathroom and the hot box breadsticks at the end of the night. After working 12 hours, I went to grab a bag of breadsticks and to my surprise they were all snatched up! This couple will be one I will always cherish! Weird thing, I recognized several guests and one was my children's pediatrician. How ironic was that!

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